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It's important to make lasting memories of your wedding.
You and the people standing up in your wedding will now have an engraved gift to remember your bachelorette party, bachelor party and wedding.
We can engrave, etch or mark the perfect gift to say thank you to your Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Ring Bearer, your parents and anybody that has made your wedding day special!

Checklist of a few ideas:

Cake Server set - marked.
Wood hanger for dress – engraved.
Toasting Flutes - etched.
Wine glasses - etched.
Pint glasses - etched.
Flasks – etched or marked.
Shot glasses - etched.
Groomsmen gifts - engraved.
Lighters - marked.
Humidors – etched or engraved.
Knives - marked.
Bridesmaid’s gifts - engraved.
Coffee cups - etched.
Parent’s gifts - engraved.
Flower Girl gifts - engraved.
Ring Bearer gifts - engraved.
Wood picture frames - engraved.
Champagne bottles - etched.
Wine bottles - etched.
Wine or Sand Unity Ceremony set - etched.
And much more…

Remember with Light Engraved, Inc. we will engrave on items we sell and also on items you provide.
If you see an item or know of an item you want engraved or etched or marked contact us first and we will let you know if and how it can be done.

Please call us at 779-324-2550 to discuss your project or use our submit form on this website to obtain information.

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